📲Sending for Help📲

It is important to remain calm and answer the questions from the 000 Operator clearly and concisely. The more clear and concise answers we can give:

⛑The faster more help can arrive

⛑The more specific instructions for that particular type of emergency they can provide for you to do

⛑The more information they can feed through to the ambulance en route

An example would be when providing the location. Having as many of the following relevant details handy are recommended:

✅Street number, name, suburb

✅Nearest cross street

✅Nearest landmark

✅ Nearest motorway exits and direction of travel

✅ If it’s safe to do so, where someone will be to meet the ambulance

Something important to note: In a high stress situation it is easy for our emotions to take over. The operator may ask many questions and sometimes they may ask you to repeat information already provided to gain a better understanding of how to help you, help the patient and to keep on top of any changes to the situation. It is perfectly acceptable to say you don’t know an answer to their question but ALWAYS try to remain as calm as possible. They are the heroes there to help support you 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♂️

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