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Health Tips For Babies & Children In Hot Weather

During hot weather Babies and children need to be watched carefully, as they are at a higher risk of becoming unwell.

Hot weather can affect your child quickly, as their bodies cannot adjust to changes in temperature .

Children also sweat less, therefore this reduces their ability to cool down. If their body temperature gets too hot they can quickly develop a heat-related illness.


  • Never leave children in the car, not even for a moment

  • Feed your baby more frequently in hot weather

  • The best drink on a hot day is water for children

  • Give children frequent extra drinks

  • Dress them in light clothing

  • Protect them from the sun using hats and sunscreen

Anywhere First Aid offers a Basic First Aid Course that will show you what you can do if you find yourself in an emergency situation. Heat related illnesses and much more are covered during our Basic First Aid course.

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