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First Aid for Children

During Anywhere First Aid training sessions questions are being asked about children's general health and wellbeing. Such as when should I seek medical advice for my child or for my grandchild that I care for during the day. Starting Blocks has released some fantastic information about developmental milestones for children from birth to five years old. They have included information on when you should seek advice from your local community health worker or doctor.

Birth to 4 Months

  • floppy or stiff

  • crying a lot

  • arching his/her back

  • not responding to sounds

  • not showing interest or responding when played with

  • not feeding as expected

  • not starting to make sounds

  • not responding to familiar faces

4 to 8 Months

  • not learning to make sounds

  • not responding to familiar faces

  • not learning to roll when playing on the floor

  • not responsive to carers

  • not babbling and making sounds

  • not playing with feet/swapping objects between hands

8 to 12 Months

  • not responsive to carers

  • not babbling and making sounds

  • not beginning to sit, crawl, or pull to stand

  • not playing with feet, swapping objects between hands

  • not interested in holding toys

  • not learning to eat solids

1 to 2 years old

  • not using words or actions to communicate such as waving or raising arms to be lifted

  • not wanting to move around

  • not responding to others

  • not seeking the attention of familiar people

2 to 3 years old

  • is not interested in playing

  • is falling a lot

  • finds it hard to use small objects

  • does not understand simple instructions

  • is not using many words

  • is not joining words in meaningful phrases

  • is not interested in food

  • is not interested in others

3 to 5 years old

  • is not understood by others

  • has speech fluency problems or stammers

  • is not playing with other children

  • is not able to have a conversation

  • is not able to go to the toilet or wash him/herself

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